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Friday, 8 July 2011

She's My Baby Boo

si cantik manis NURUL AQILAH BT IBRAHIM yg selalu menceriakan hari2 yg mendtg dgn membuat sye gelak sampai sakit perut dan sayer suke tngk cara dye chumell sgt. She loves to wear shawl and she looks great when she wore it. My classmate,my best friend and my dongsaeng (lil sister in korean).....

(Qiqi unni amek gmbr qiqi without permission miane)

isn't she adorable like her unni(me actually =-=)

We are so well together i always laugh by lookin at her funny faces,when she's havin something bad that makes her upset she'll tell me and hope that i'll listen to her to cope her. Anyway i'm havin so much fun when i'm wif her she's funny, good at makin funny faces, pretty whe she wore shawl and da important part is we share the same interest.....KPOPHOLIC hahahahhahahahahahahhahah

auhhh tat's ALIYA ANAS!