Hye, strangers nice to meet you ^^

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

take me to SEOUL

hye people how are you????? Thumbs up if you are a kpop mania! Yuhuuuuuu everything about KOREA drives me CRAZY!!!!!

First of all i'm a JYJ'S die HARD fan! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I dun care what other people think or talk about them I will always love them......coz JAEJOONG is one of them hehehhehehhhe...

hrmmmmm,WHAT if you get the chance tO visit KOREA and meet your favourite korean boy band?????



Oh my god so many things that i wanted to share with you guys.....KOREA is AWESOME....

****(have you been there before)


like i care! although i didn't get the chance to visit KOREA but i know i won't be sad or regret if one day i go there especially to SEOUL tower,and JEJU ISLAND!!!!!

SEE? i'm using caps lock everytime when i'm mention about KOREA......^_^

yes make a wish,dreams come true hehehhehehee..

everytime before i went to sleep,on my bed i will imagine that tomorrow would be the day.The day that i get the chance to visit KOREA! so syok (but just  an imagination)

but it's okay i  pray hard so that my dreams will come true!

seoul tower(padlock love)

i wish that i could have one padlock,gonna write my name n my future BF name and lock it at there....bestnyer kan kalau boleh buat macam tu? (eh eh ckp melayu pulak)

WARGHHHH MOMMY TAKE ME TO SEOUL!!!!! (nak bodek mama lah)

korea korea korea korea korea......

yes my bf lives there....who is he?
gambar gedikzzz jaejoong hehehhehehe....

Friday, 18 November 2011


pagi yang indah ini,tersenyum sendiri ciap miap burung diluar jendela seakan memanggil namaMU...
jika ku punya mata,nun diatas angkasa kan ku tengok dikau setiap ketika dimana saja kau berada..
aku tak pandai mengarang puisi tidak kupandai bermandah berseni satu kalimah yang ku seikhlasnya tahu HANYALAH KUCINTA PADAMU...... good morning sayang kite ^_^

Thursday, 17 November 2011

There's Only One

1. hye kamu! iyer kamu yg kite suke ^_^

2. kite dh like kamu takkan kamu tak like kite?

3. kamu rasa kiter cute tak? hihihihi

4. kamu kate kamu tak suke citer korea?tapi penuh dalam lappie kamu kite tngk????

5.kamu kate kite jahat sebab ignore kamu,alah tak angkat phone pun nak sentap?

6.semalam kamu jerit nama kite kan? kate tak suke?

7. kenapa kamu send gambar kamu yg cute tuh kat kite?

8. kenapa kamu sedey bile kite demam?

9.kamu suke kite kan?

10. kite pun hihihihihihihihihihi

11. dalam hati kite ada kamu

nah dengar lah lagu nieh kalau rindu kite


Hye, hello buddy!Long time no see....How's life? As for me everything is under control :)

1.everybody change nowdays,just like season right?

2.You're not the one you use to be...

3.Now you realised that nobody is perfect anad everybody make mistakes

4. You actually dun have best friends......when you need em' nobody lends their hands...

5. People can change in just 5 mins if they want...

6. Trace all of ur mistakes and realised how bad you  are actually..

7. You are not my best friend but actually my haters...

8. Now i realised what my mommy says about you is 100% true...

9. I know you hate me now, if you do please dun meet me until when2

10. I already remove you in my heart and stop staring at me like you wanna eat me...(tak takut)

11. Akhir kata (majulah sukan untuk negara)

if you wanna me to be your best buddy,don't treat me like SHITTTTT :P

My Nutella

first of all thanks for makin me smile all the time when i'm with you ^_^

do you know what  NUTELLA is?

nutella is just like you,so special

you are so special....sometimes you can be my best friend,my brother and even my haters..

you love me but you won't show it,i know that dude you can't hide it...

you will sulking with me if i didn't text you to wish good night...

maybe you can say i dun like you,but your eyes are tellin me you love me...yes you DO

stop makin stupid faces when i ask you do you love me...

stop drinking coca-cola if you can't...coca-cola is my fav drink you don't have to copy me....

stop pretending like you don't care when i'm listening to your fav song (bruno mars:count on me)

see? i know almost everything about you,and i know you are in love with me....ADMIT IT!

hey,you keep my photos in your lappie right?

hehehehehheheheehhehehhehehehhehehhehehehhehehhehhehehe you are a coward just like me.....

NUTELLA is just like you because we can eat it in many ways...just like you,you can be my best friend,brother and even haters.....

come on tell me the truth! hey hey hey i'm watching you from here......

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

If You Love SomEOne Let ThEm Go....

Dear MR R,

It's been 5 months since you gone.I know deep in my heart i still need you in my life.But,then i realised it's not fair for you.Coz i didn't let you know the truth.I'm a coward and  i admit it and sorry i can't tell you the truth face to face.Listen,in form 5 we are in the same class.You are so clever and being you is actually quiet hard huh?I know that. MR R lately i'm so sad because finally i can forget you. It's seem like i really really dun need you anymore.I use to write everything about you in my diary but now it's empty and your name is not written there also. :( Hrmmmm i miss your voice and face,i wanna meet you! You are so cruel you took my heart and refuse to give it to me back! Why did you do that. But,it's okay i'm 18 now and big girl dun cry....

MR R,when you're gettin married one day dun forget to give me the invitation card okay?Hahaaahah you have to invite me no matter what! I pray hard to ALLAH so that you will get a better person to be your wife and mommy for your kids....I'm jealous of course but i have to let you go because I love you so much and i'm afraid my love to ALLAH is not as much as i love you :) MR R  you are a nice guy and good looking too,but please dun hurt me by doing something stupid....I will meet you again someday,and i will not forget you until i die because you are my first love ^_^

I talk too much huh? Because i'm a talkative girl....Did you remember that day,i give you a tissue and you took it and stare at me and say thank you.Do you know i can't sleep that night! LOL it seems like Jaejoong had say thank you to me and stare me! You are so amazing! That day also i feel like i'm gonna keep that tissue and wanna say I LOVE YOU face to face....-BLUSHING-You make me misreable! Auhhhhhhhh anyway thanks for making me happy all the time by watching you everyday and makin me laugh when you are sitting alone  and talking to the tree ....... (GILE KE?)

Finally,good luck MR R and have a nice day.....You know what when you love someone so much,you have to let them go.........

dun forget my name okay? ^___^ i love you MR R

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Dear Strangers,

1.tak payah lah jeling-jeling kite,kite malu bile nengok kamu macam tu.....

2.tak payah lah nak buat kite blushing....kamu suke tenung kite bile kite tengah cakap

3.kamu tau tak sebab kamu,kite dh lupakan jaejoong buat 0.5 saat!

4.sebab kamu kite pergi beli biskut teddy bear tuh! walaupun kite dah lama tak makan biskut tu tapi kamu ingatkan kite balik zaman kite kecik cecotet

5. kamu suke baca komik erk? lepas tuh gelak sorang-sorang?kamu tau tak kamu chumel sangat bile buat macam tu...

6.kite tak suke kamu tapi just dah jatuh hati kat kamu...

7. bagi lah balik hati kita,kita tak nak bagi kat kamu...

8. tak payah lah nak buat muka handsome setiap kali kite lalu sebelah kamu!

9.kamu selalu kata kite nie chumel kalau tak pakai spec,kite rabun lah nanti tk nampak kamu!

10. kite nak cakap yang kamu chumel sangat-sangat hehehehehhee(sikit jewp tapi kite chumel lebey)

kamu suke lagu nieh kan nah ambeklah kita bagi kamu....