Hye, strangers nice to meet you ^^

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

If You Love SomEOne Let ThEm Go....

Dear MR R,

It's been 5 months since you gone.I know deep in my heart i still need you in my life.But,then i realised it's not fair for you.Coz i didn't let you know the truth.I'm a coward and  i admit it and sorry i can't tell you the truth face to face.Listen,in form 5 we are in the same class.You are so clever and being you is actually quiet hard huh?I know that. MR R lately i'm so sad because finally i can forget you. It's seem like i really really dun need you anymore.I use to write everything about you in my diary but now it's empty and your name is not written there also. :( Hrmmmm i miss your voice and face,i wanna meet you! You are so cruel you took my heart and refuse to give it to me back! Why did you do that. But,it's okay i'm 18 now and big girl dun cry....

MR R,when you're gettin married one day dun forget to give me the invitation card okay?Hahaaahah you have to invite me no matter what! I pray hard to ALLAH so that you will get a better person to be your wife and mommy for your kids....I'm jealous of course but i have to let you go because I love you so much and i'm afraid my love to ALLAH is not as much as i love you :) MR R  you are a nice guy and good looking too,but please dun hurt me by doing something stupid....I will meet you again someday,and i will not forget you until i die because you are my first love ^_^

I talk too much huh? Because i'm a talkative girl....Did you remember that day,i give you a tissue and you took it and stare at me and say thank you.Do you know i can't sleep that night! LOL it seems like Jaejoong had say thank you to me and stare me! You are so amazing! That day also i feel like i'm gonna keep that tissue and wanna say I LOVE YOU face to face....-BLUSHING-You make me misreable! Auhhhhhhhh anyway thanks for making me happy all the time by watching you everyday and makin me laugh when you are sitting alone  and talking to the tree ....... (GILE KE?)

Finally,good luck MR R and have a nice day.....You know what when you love someone so much,you have to let them go.........

dun forget my name okay? ^___^ i love you MR R