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Thursday, 25 August 2011


raya is comin people,GOD!i'm so excited baking cookies and making rendang is on the list....But,today i realised that life was not easy as we predict.....Well,today my teacher told us about loosing his children and happiness on this ramadhan month.He had divorced and his children is now with his ex- wife.I cried when he said he miss his son,which is close to him the eldest one.Whenever he miss him he'll take a look at the cars collection that he bought for his son....They share the same interest which is CARS!He said that he'll try his best to be a better dad and keep strong althought people will always blame him for everything...He said to us the coming eid mubarak is no longer meaningful for him,without his children around.

He told us that if we keep strong Allah will always be there for us,i can see sadness through his eyes.How he miss his son...I have my own ABAH too so i guess i can really understand his feelings..I hope that he'll meet his son soon,keep strong!