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Sunday, 10 July 2011


kanak! Auhhh i'm in love with them.......no matter weither they are fat or thin i would love them no matter what..Best kan jadi kanak-kanak apa2 nk mesti dpt,tak kisah muka comot tkde org nk complain n paling best buleh MAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!Specialnyer jadi kanak-kanak,tk ada masalah buleh jadi apa yg kiter nk jadi....Ultraman,transformer,chibi marokochan,doremon,spongebob etc.......Kalu nk melalak pun x kesah sbb mst nmpk chumellllll! Hrmmm one more thing that i love about kids are their charm! Auhhh their smile and the way they talk or when they cry.....So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

so much fun being a kid! I was a kid before my hobby is eating! Yes i do! Auhhh so much chocolate and you know what since i was a kid my mother won't let me to eat junk FOOD! that's make me sad!
Looking at the other kids eating junk food and drooling,then i realise eating junk food is not good for my health actually,that's why mama won't let me to eat iT no matter what!THANKS MAMA!

They are so sweet,cute,gentle,friendly,soft,innocent and truly pure that's why I LOVE KIDS