Hye, strangers nice to meet you ^^

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mommy says I'm special ^_^

(1)-mommy says i'm pretty without make up so i dun wear make up because mommy says i'm pretty even without it ^____^

(2)-mommy says i'm special because only mommy can understand me...^_^

(3)-mommy says that i dun need a special boyfriend since they can't understand my feelings and won't make me happy but mommy can make me happy just in 2 minutes ^_^

(4)- mommy says i can't leave her,we both need each other so that's why i stays with my mommy even if one day when i'm gettin old and can't speak properly still i will stay with my mommy

(5)-mommy says i'm so sensitif and my heart are so fragile..She said only her can make me calm..

(6)-mommy says i'm her daughter no matter what,even if one day i can't walk,talk and even see.....SHE IS MY MOMMY!

i dun really care whatever people talks  about me...As long as i have my mommy ^___^