Hye, strangers nice to meet you ^^

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Hye, hello buddy!Long time no see....How's life? As for me everything is under control :)

1.everybody change nowdays,just like season right?

2.You're not the one you use to be...

3.Now you realised that nobody is perfect anad everybody make mistakes

4. You actually dun have best friends......when you need em' nobody lends their hands...

5. People can change in just 5 mins if they want...

6. Trace all of ur mistakes and realised how bad you  are actually..

7. You are not my best friend but actually my haters...

8. Now i realised what my mommy says about you is 100% true...

9. I know you hate me now, if you do please dun meet me until when2

10. I already remove you in my heart and stop staring at me like you wanna eat me...(tak takut)

11. Akhir kata (majulah sukan untuk negara)

if you wanna me to be your best buddy,don't treat me like SHITTTTT :P

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