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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

take me to SEOUL

hye people how are you????? Thumbs up if you are a kpop mania! Yuhuuuuuu everything about KOREA drives me CRAZY!!!!!

First of all i'm a JYJ'S die HARD fan! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I dun care what other people think or talk about them I will always love them......coz JAEJOONG is one of them hehehhehehhhe...

hrmmmmm,WHAT if you get the chance tO visit KOREA and meet your favourite korean boy band?????



Oh my god so many things that i wanted to share with you guys.....KOREA is AWESOME....

****(have you been there before)


like i care! although i didn't get the chance to visit KOREA but i know i won't be sad or regret if one day i go there especially to SEOUL tower,and JEJU ISLAND!!!!!

SEE? i'm using caps lock everytime when i'm mention about KOREA......^_^

yes make a wish,dreams come true hehehhehehee..

everytime before i went to sleep,on my bed i will imagine that tomorrow would be the day.The day that i get the chance to visit KOREA! so syok (but just  an imagination)

but it's okay i  pray hard so that my dreams will come true!

seoul tower(padlock love)

i wish that i could have one padlock,gonna write my name n my future BF name and lock it at there....bestnyer kan kalau boleh buat macam tu? (eh eh ckp melayu pulak)

WARGHHHH MOMMY TAKE ME TO SEOUL!!!!! (nak bodek mama lah)

korea korea korea korea korea......

yes my bf lives there....who is he?
gambar gedikzzz jaejoong hehehhehehe....

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